Toyota Corolla 91 for sale | Exchange

Rs. 2.35Lac

  • Stock Code HW 629
  • Make Toyota
  • Model 1991
  • Registration Hunza
  • Documents NCP
  • Engine 2C
  • Location Hunza
  • Fuel Diesel
  • Gearbox Manual
  • Num of seats 4
  • Airbags 1
  • Body Condition Uncut
  • Damage vehicle No work

Feature set

The Car is in perfect condition, it’s available immediately for sale or exchange, interested person contact only.

Vehicle Description

The Toyota Corolla (E120/E130) is the ninth generation of compact cars sold by Toyota under the Corolla nameplate. In Japan, this series arrived to the market in August 2000; however, exports were typically not achieved until 2001 and 2002 depending on the market. The sedan and station wagon arrived first in August 2000, followed by the five-door hatchback in January 2001, and the Europe-only three-door hatchback in 2002. Toyota supplemented the original styling with an edgier, hatchback-only styling treatment from 2002. Sedans and wagons sold in Japan adopted a new front-end design in 2004, although this version did not typically reach export markets. In other Asian markets and the Americas, the ninth-generation Corolla (sedan and wagon only) had unique front and rear styling treatments with mild updates over the model's production run. The E120/E130 offered a longer 2,600 mm (100 in) wheelbase. It is built on a shortened Vista V50 platform—the Vista being a mid-sized, rather than a compact car. From being marketed as a premium compact sedan, to an affordable hatchback, the ninth-generation Corolla was designed as a "global" automobile to suit different market needs. This was one of Toyota's most versatile and most popular models ever produced. The Corolla has also spawned another multi-purpose vehicle, the Matrix (E130), sold in Canada, Mexico and the United States, which forms the basis of the Pontiac Vibe, which was in turn sold in Japan as the Toyota Voltz. The E120 series was replaced by the E140 or E150 series in late 2006 or early 2007 but the E120 continued to be produced in China until 2017.[8] The E120 Corolla won the What Car? magazine's "Car of the Year" award for 2002.

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  • Address Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan
  • City Pakistan